Air Conditioning
Ceiling Fan
Fresh Flower
Spectacular View
Robs in Room
Color TV in Room
Cool Light.
Friendly staff The service at the Hotel Amar Palace is impeccable, our friendly staff are committed to making your evening an experience worthy of any Raja.
Table reservation service You can reserve your table as early as possible. The peak period is from 8pm - 9pm and you may expect a delay.
Take-away food service We offer a Take-away food service where by you place your order and collect your meal accordingly.
Private Parties We are able to accommodate large parties of 30 guests or more on weekdays evenings and all lunch periods. We recommend you place your menu order prior to coming to dine.
Menu on Special Occasions For Special Occasions, such as New Year, Christmas and other parties, We offer a Special Menu. You tell us your possible choice and budget, we prepare a menu for you accordingly.

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